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(located near Toronto, Ontario, Canada)

Ontario breeder of quality teacup poodles and tiny toy poodle puppies. We
raise beautiful poodle puppies in a variety of colours. All of our adults and
puppies live in our home as pets. We do not kennel our dogs and will not
sell our puppies to a kennel. Our
teacup poodle puppies are raised in a
family environment so they come to you well socialized and already spoiled.
All my adult toy poodles are CKC (Canadian Kennel Club) registered.
to be confused with the Continental Kennel Club.
Puppies going to the USA
can easily be registered with the AKC ( American Kennel Club).

Poodle Sizes

We have poodle puppies ranging in size from Toy, Tiny Toy, and Teacup
Over the years, the toy poodle has been bred down in size, creating a
smaller sized toy. These little dogs have been nicknamed, teacup poodles,
tiny teacup poodles, micro teacup poodles, china cup poodles, and pocket
poodles. By AKC and CKC standards, any poodle 10" or under is classified
as a toy poodle and is registered as such.

Our teacup poodles and tiny toy poodle adults are out of the Velvet Touch
Kennel line which is renowned for producing smaller teacup sized poodles.
These are true
teacup poodle puppies not runts from larger parents.
Because of their tiny size, they are not recommended for families with small
children or for homes where they will be left alone for extended periods of

Poodle Shipping

We no longer ship our puppies.

During an adoption period, prior to a puppy leaving our care, we
reserve the right to refund a deposit or full payment at our sole
AKC Registered Poodles
Canadian Kennel Club registered poodle puppies
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This was the first litter of puppies we had here at My Teacup
Poodles. We had two beautiful chocolate teacup male puppies
and a small black teacup girl.
Apollo is one of our tiny teacup poodles from
Velvet Touch Kennels in Louisanna. His coat is
the shiny black that doesn't fade out with
age. Some poodles that are born black,
actually fade out to a smokey gray colour
which is know as blue. A blue puppy's coat will
start take on a brown tinge when they are a
few months old.
*Apollo is now Retired and living with Pat"
Abbey is a silver beige teacup poodle.Silver
beige poodles are born dark brown but by 4-6
weeks old you can see the undercoat is getting
lighter. The colour will fade out to a beautiful
beige colour that has a little hue of silver. In
most cases the ears will remain a few shades
darker but can fade out to the same colour as
the body. This colour can be confused with cafe
au lait.
"Abbey is now Retired"
Chloe is a platinum silver or gray coloured
teacup poodle. She is one of the few poodles
that are born silver. Usually silver poodle
puppies are born black and start to change
colour at 6-8 weeks. It will take them a
couple of years to turn completely. Most will
still have the darker ears. A few will turn an
even platinum silver all over their entire
body. They are so beautiful. Chloe looks as
though she could be one of those rare
*Chloe is now retired*
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puppies, please email or call us at:
(10AM to 8PM)
We are located near
Toronto, Ontario
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Chocolate and White Tiny Teacup Poodle
Daisy is a chocolate phantom poodle
Teacup Poodles Daisy
Brown and white parti poodle
Tiny Teacup Poodle Gemma
Chocolate and White Parti
Chocolate brown poodle Dallas
Chocolate brown toy poodle Sohie
Our mahongony red toy poodle Scarlet